About the UK Towns and Postcodes database

UK Towns List is an SQL and CSV database containing over 40,000 towns and cities in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland). The data includes postcode, county and geographical location by latitude/longitude and grid references.

Used by website developers, mobile app developers and researchers all over the world, UK Towns List is a complete and useful town and city database with so many uses. Available in SQL and Excel CSV formats, the data is ready to be queried, imported or interrogated immediately.

The UK towns database includes all parts of the United Kingdom including cities, towns and villages in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland covering 160 counties. Our UK towns and cities database is regularly updated and kept up to date based on Ordnance Survey data so you can be sure that you database download is complete. Every town, city and village in the United Kingdom is included with OSGB36 eastings, northings and grid reference as well as the decimal latitude and longitude coordinates used to specify the precise location of places and locations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Access the API

About the API

The Databases UK API allows developers to quickly access large data without the need to download, compile or maintain any files locally. Using a URL and API key exclusive to your account, you can receive complete data in JSON, XML or CSV format instantly.

Website developers and application developers can now focus on their application code without worrying about data sourcing.

Sample calls