About the Vehicle makes and models database

The vehicle manufacturers and models database is a complete database containing over 47,000 vehicles produced by over 100 vehicle manufacturers around the world. The data is commonly used by garages, vehicle service providers and developers who wish to incorporate a "select your vehicle" feature to their website or mobile app.

The vehicle data is available in CSV and SQL formats and updated monthly so you can always be sure that you are downloading the most up to date vehicle data. Vehicle data includes manufacture year and engine size variations so you can identify specific vehicles for use on websites, applications or customer databases.

The below table is a selected sample from our vehicles database. When downloading, you will be given the option to download as Excel CSV or SQL database format to import directly into an existing database.

Access the API

About the API

The Databases UK API allows developers to quickly access large data without the need to download, compile or maintain any files locally. Using a URL and API key exclusive to your account, you can receive complete data in JSON, XML or CSV format instantly.

Website developers and application developers can now focus on their application code without worrying about data sourcing.

Sample calls